Permit Renewal

Waste Connections of Canada is preparing to renew its operating permit for the Coronation Landfill, a process that is required by Alberta Environment and Parks for all active landfills in the province every 10 years.

We intend to use the currently permitted footprint for this 10 year renewal permit, even though we own the land to the west and south. We will be moving some support infrastructure such as the scale house, office and maintenance buildings to other parts of our site to better utilize access and space at the landfill.

An important part of this permit renewal process will be consulting with our immediate neighbours, local residents and the broader community as we want their feedback on our operations. Whatever the feedback, we want to know about it. We want to ensure that their issues are addressed and that our approach to the resolution is understood in each case.

We are also working closely with our Community Liaison Committee which they have been very helpful in providing us input on a number of operational and planning programs that have improved the operation of the landfill.

We hosted an open house on February 18, 2016 at the Community Recreation Centre, 5018 Windsor Avenue in Coronation, Alberta. A notification of the meeting was advertised in the local newspaper in advance of the public information meetings.

The Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks has recently posted our permit renewal application and will be receiving public comments from the public by May 6, 2016 and can be sent to Attached is a copy of the government notice.

If you have any questions or comments about the permit renewal process and our plans, please email: